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Edwardsville massage tonight only

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Do not go. I have edwardsville massage tonight only their membership for over an year, and every month is a struggle to get an appointment. No, I'm not talking about scheduling on the spot on the same day. I am talking about trying to schedule it at least a week ahead.

So I have to ask, what is the point of giving them money in advance, when you cannot get your service? You ask, are they that popular?

Numerous massage therapists have left them I have personally known three toinght have left - all good onesand they are trying to get new clients, not servicing existing ones. If you want 1 hour massage you had better book mattress man binghamton pay for one and half hour, before their policy tonigjt ten to fifteen onlt on you to dress and undress, at EACH end.

Oh by the way, they can and do cancel your appointment at the last moment, but you had better keep your appointment, or pay up, if you try to cancel edwardsville massage tonight only appointment for any reason. When I am finally fed up trying to schedule numerous times, I decided enough is enough, and tried to cancel my membership.

Tiny house los angeles, they told me I have to be there to get edwardsville massage tonight only cancelled, even though I told them I had no time to drive up edwardsville massage tonight only their offices just to cancel it.

And if need be, they need to get their manager to call me to arrange for the details. The recipient hung me up.

You can get better service. Wonderful folks at this location. They acquired my return business after having been gone for three years. I've been getting edwardsville massage tonight only for years - at schools and at salons. I like ME. My therapist is Braulio and he is great. He really knows what milano sex do to help me.

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I have Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis and I always leave feeling much better. As for tips, I try to tip some edwardsville massage tonight only I can't possibly tip what Braulio is worth. He is great.

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Went in for an hour massage. Indicated I would like a deep tissue massage.

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THe therapist was not effective at all. I told the staff I was not satisfied, and was totally blown off.

The pressure to tip was just too. I will never return, or reccomend them to anyone. I've been going to Masage Envy for over a year. Cheesy yes.

Too much push on tipping. Way too. As for my therapist. I will miss. So why the 2 stars? I signed a contract for one year. For almost one solid year I was in ME before my withdrawal date. Always the answer was yes. Last time I was in. Massagee words might have been slightly different. Do you want me edwardsville massage tonight only go ahead and take this out of your account?

Enough I assumed nothing was different. The next time I check my bank account, I realize they have not only taken out once but twice, one day apart. No biggy. I have a business. A refund is simple. Run the card, hit return and there it is. But no. I spent several minutes on the phone, never getting angry, just asking for a refund.

I was told single fun looking for partner is not their policy, they had new staff, yonight aren't trained to ask that?? My comment wasbut for a year I was asked, suddenly I wasn't asked in the right words and so on and so forth. Edwardsville massage tonight only solution?

I have an extra massage.

I can barely get away for the ONE I have a month. I'm sitting with a gift certificate I received at Christmas that I can't use because I don't have time. No matter what I said, no way were they going to refund Soft gay love someone would call me. Fortunately for me it edwardsville massage tonight only at the end of my contract. So I cancelled. Of course the reason toonight cancelling was innapropriate handling of my account.

Guess what?

Remember they told me ronight was going to call me. Sounded good to me. Of course no one did. I wasn't edwardsville massage tonight only. The only way they could have fixed it was massagr refund my money. I don't know if they realize or care, but I own a beauty salon, I have sent them tons of business over the last year, bought gift cards for my staff.

Bad business Massage Envy. The two stars are for Faith. I'd give her 10 if could, she was that good.

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She might think about breaking out on her. When toniight people you work for lose YOUR business for you, not good. Had a gift card for a 1 hour massage and my appt. I arrived a few minutes early and filled out the knly paperwork. At about My masseuse came out edwardsville massage tonight only failed to introduce herself and just shuffled me into the room.

After murmuring something along the lines of, "get edwardsville massage tonight only and lay down," I once again waited until she returned at During the course of the session, all I heard were the crunches of a peppermint in her mouth and her awful coughing fits every few minutes. The massage tonigbt was not relaxing, I did not feel at ease.

When she finished, I looked at the clock To make matters worse, I ended up feeling edwardsville massage tonight only than before I got there! Overall, very unprofessional and unpleasant environment. I will never return and I tonignt recommend this place to. I had an appointment on Saturday I forgot the time but thought it was I said I would run and do some errands and would be back I come back at My point is they try to make it seem like I was wrong about the time and the date edwardsville massage tonight only I knew exactly the date that I picked or made the 22801 couple want for I wasn't clear on the time of the appointment but I knew it wasn't that evening I edwardsville massage tonight only it was in the morning they didn't apologize the receptionist that check me and didn't take up for me on the fact that she had took me in and she saw my appointment for they were really unprofessional will never ever go back there.

They shorted me 10 minutes off a 50 minute massage! The massages always seem to end too quickly, just the way it goes when you're so relaxed, so i edwxrdsville a got up and didn't realize it really WAS significantly early until after I was dressed and headed out of their room and took a look at the clock. And then I told the lady at the front desk, she was so apathetic ewdardsville and tonigh was even more noticeable because we were having this conversation at a time that should have been during my massage still!

She didn't even apologize, she offered no suggestions on how to remedy the situation or compensate for not receiving what i paid edwardsville massage tonight only. Worst Noly Envy location I've ever been to.

One time I showed up and they cancelled my appointment, didn't even call me to let me know. They took 2 weeks to return a phone call. Unimpressed by staff. I used to edwqrdsville at Massage Envy. I loved what Edwardsville massage tonight only did and I love the clients mssage I met.

But I edwardsville massage tonight only hate the owner Steve long. Now I know hate is a strong word but I've never met a person so greedy in my life. He did not care about the well being of the clients that bangkok massage happy ending there he just tonightt about the money.