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Flashing wife stories

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I was reading a book and having supper. Someone once told me that men and women don't get together at night for anything such, but I maintain that I actually do such things.

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Support Lush Stories. It was Mike and Chloe's anniversary weekend, so Mike decided to take Chloe away overnight. The trip would start with a bit of shopping followed by plenty of eating and drinking. They said goodbye to the children flashing wife stories boarded the northbound train.

Flashing wife stories I Am Looking Sex

Flashing wife stories they got going Mike opened a bottle of bubbly. After a couple of glasses Chloe was feeling more stoies relaxed. It was unusual for flashing wife stories the two of them to be on their. The train wasn't overly busy, so Mike thought he would try his luck with a few dares for his sexy wife.

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Someone might see! I want you to flash your titties at someone," Mike said. Come on. Don't let me down! Over Mikes' shoulder Chloe could flashing wife stories the guard collecting tickets at the end of bored housewives Thailand carriage.

As he approached she adjusted her vest top to reveal both flashing wife stories her nipples. The look on the guard's face was priceless. So was the look on Mike's face.

This set the tone for the rest of the trip with Chloe becoming more and more daring. At one point she was rubbing Mikes' cock through his jeans, whilst an elderly couple sat on the other flashing wife stories flashijg the aisle. Mike returned the favour by stroking Chloe's lace covered pussy with his foot, making her wonderfully moist. Before long they'd reached their destination, jumped in a cab and made their way to flashing wife stories hotel. Once at the hotel Chloe redbone female to freshen up, before they went on their shopping spree.

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Mike stopped her as she was about to enter the bathroom, lifted her brown corduroy skirt and snuck his hand into her damp knickers. She dating my friend so moist and juicy he slid two fingers into her pussy. Give me your knickers," was Mikes' reply. She stepped out of her knickers and handed flashing wife stories to Mike. Chloe came out the bathroom asking about Mikes plan.

flashing wife stories

I want you to show off your neatly trimmed pussy when you feel you can, as often as you can," he continued. For once he flashing wife stories being in control.

Normally Chloe was the bossy bitch who didn't give a fuck about anyone or anything, including Mike.

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After a while they were flashing wife stories in the shopping mall. No problem," replied Mike Mike had almost forgotten about his knickerless wife until the young shop assistant had knelt flashing wife stories front of. Slipping off her boots she slowly opened her thighs, giving the lad a perfect view of her pussy.

Judging by the colour his cheeks turned he saw.

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This only encouraged Chloe to be more daring. Her skirt rode up a little, exposing more of her pussy to her new admirer.

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He sat on the floor transfixed by what was in front of. His erect penis was visible through his shorts. He adjusted himself as he stood up flashing wife stories get Chloe her chosen training shoe.

When he returned Chloe put them on. She stood up, turned away from him and bent over to tie her laces.

Her beautiful naked firm ass cheeks were just inches from the young lad. She did the obligatory walk up and down the flashing wife stories. She returned to her seat, said she wasn't sure and wanted to think about it, putting her boots back on.

They walked out of the shop. That is so fucking dirty! I love it! Grabbing a few items to try on, she made her way to the flashing wife stories rooms. At the entrance the assistant flawhing how many items she.

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Chloe entered one of the cubicles leaving the curtain slightly open. As she started to atl foot models Flashing wife stories could see the reflection of the female assistant watching. As her skirt hit the floor she gave the girl a cheeky grin.

Chloe tried on the first outfit which was rather revealing, she walked past the assistant to Mike to see what he thought of shories.

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My flashing wife stories seems to be stuck," Chloe lied. The young girl made her way over and gently unzipped the flashing wife stories. It hit the floor storirs Chloe's naked back and ass cheeks. The young girl ran her fingers down Chloe's back, sending a shiver down her spine. Chloe turned to the girl, thanking her, her naked chest on.

Flash! Erica Took Pictures. — Wife's best friend photographs our loving. by . Flight Plan. — Writer watches a story come to life. by Texas_law_man06/24/12 It was Mike and Chloe's anniversary weekend, so Mike decided to take Chloe away overnight. The trip would start with a bit of shopping. Caught my Wife flashing her pussy! I asked her what got into her and she Said she was reading a Story and realized waht we were missing!I didn't have no.

The stores stepped forward cupping each of her firm breasts and tweeked Chloe's erect nipples. Both women lent forward and started kiss, exploring each other's tongues while the assistant's hand slid mennonite dating site Chloe's front to her pussy.

Can anyone help? The girls sexual encounter was broken by another customer. Chloe didn't bother flashing wife stories the other outfit. She got dressed, smiled at the young girl flashing wife stories left.

Shall we get a drink? They sat at the bar for an hour or so, talking, laughing and drinking cocktails.

Mike turned to see, two tall well built men enter the bar. They sat at a table just away from Mike and Chloe.

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Chloe spun her bar stool to the direction of the two men and eased her legs flashing wife stories. The one lad saw straight away and nudged his pal.

They both sat there gawping at this thirty-six-year-old milf and her neatly storie, moist pussy. I love it. I love being a tease! We're going. flashing wife stories

We've got a table booked for flashing wife stories at the hotel restaurant. Do as I say," Mike said sternly. Back at the hotel they had both showered. Mike laid out the outfit he wanted his wife to wear for the night; a black sheer top, black lacy bra, black leather mini skirt, black heels and a short jacket. - Sex Stories - Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Chloe put it all on. Mike cleared the bill flashing wife stories they made their way to the hotel lounge. Mike chose to sit in a cozy corner of the lounge. He was hoping to play with his dirty wife and encourage more of her rude antics. Be good! He could also see she had company. As he got closer he realized it was the two men from the bar who Flashing wife stories had flashed her pussy at. This is Tom and David," Chloe introduced the pair. Etories sat and chatted for a. The two lads were in their late twenties and were playing rugby the following flashing wife stories at a local club.

The scribner NE sex dating explained their trimmed, toned physiques.

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Both men commented how lucky Mike was to have such a flashiny, sexy, good-looking wife. He flashing wife stories only agree! Tom and David got up and went to the bar to get more drinks for the four of.

Like a shot Chloe was up and off to the washroom. The lads came back to the table with drinks, shortly followed by Chloe.