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We're proud to continue to sponsor this club as their host hotel. The Brooks Bombers play their home games out of Elks Field, one of four…. Website by OH! Media anacortes Washington nude bitches division of Phoenix Group.

Free WiFi. Guest WiFi is available for free throughout the property! Let roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook help you plan your special day! Stop by roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook work for some appetizers and drinks at the Heritage Lounge or Spin Nightspot.

Monday and Tuesday in the Baptist church, Wednesday and Thursday in the United church, and the concluding meeting will be held in the Presbyterian church on Friday night. It is expected that roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook will be meetings in the afternoons, as will as in the evenings.

Offerings to defray expenses will be taken at the services. The special work of Mr. Ware is to arouse in children tie love. Parents are urged to co-operate in this good work.

Excellent reports are given of tho fine services carried on by the girl. It aims to lead the girls into the four -fold roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook nf Christ, described in Luke 2: T, [Hilling on genht, which mel tion.

The regulations for the challenge cup for Swingers club michigan School attendance have now heen drawn up, and hip to be seen in the different Sunday School rooms. Reports were received, nnd tho treasurers showed that a small balance was in hand.

The officers elected for the ensuing year were: President, Rev. McNeil; Vice-Pres. Hinton; Secretary. Bryce Wallace; Treasurer, Mr.

The executive consists of the ministers of the churches, with the superintend ids of Sunday Schools and lenders in boys' nnd girls' work.

The constitution was amended to allow the Salvation Army craigslist milwaukee sex power to vote. Discussion of tho camps for summer wns carried on. Hope was expressed that the service clubs would assist by erecting n permanent camp site, which would be available for the boys und girls of the city.

The executive wns also asked to go into the question of urranglng teacher training california escort sites Sunday School workers.

You are invited to attend the Holiness meeting at U o'clock next Sunday morning, Also to the Salvation meeting, which commences at 7. All are given a hearty welcome. Every Friday evening, at 7 o'clock, the Scouts will meet.

We would like to sec any boys roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook the ages 9 and 20 who do not belong to Dur- ing supper several songs were sung, and following which a splendid program was given which was as follows: Address of welcome to the mothers, Norma Surteesj song. Girl to be," ' Mrs. A verj hearty vott of thanks was tendere I th. Dow, Miss! Miss Theodore Huchcroft, for assisting in serving. The morning i vim I il i. Donalda Walker and Muriel Little, of hi junior group, were the ushers at In morning service.

In thc ovenlng tho Service wns rather unique because of the fact hat it was conducted ' the boys of he Tuxis Group, assisted by the Trail Rangers. Sherman Harris gnv splendid address, dealing first with die program of the C. He then give nn interest ing report, of adult looking sex Ary recent Boys' Parliament held in Victoria, B. As Sherman stated, the C. The young people of Knox Wife boytoy held their regular meeting on Monday evi ning, roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook a very helpful aud interesting address was given bv Kev.

MueNeill, of thc Baptist Church. A nolo, "Nearer Hy God, to Thte," for lie is a sick man; and in a two-hour speech built up such nn elaborate special plea as in itself roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook excite grave suspicion.

He held the amendment to have been improperly introduced because the seconder father- wood had not made a speech— That the subject of the culver city thai massage fell into that classification of parliamentary material that may only be dealt with by a substantive resolution— That tbe proceedings of the Customs Inquiry still arc sub judlce, and may not therefore be made the basis of such action— That the amendment was barred by the "rule of anticipation," in this case the resolution of Mr.

I shall be pleased to explain particulars of this installment plan to those interested. Eugene Hospital Ladies' tion has been thc movement of ship-'Aid annual meeting took roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook Mon- ments of liquors via Canadian Pacif. Platform trucks piled high' year were read, and adopted. The with packages uf this commodity j election of officers whicb took plnce have been frequently exposed to pub- resulted as follows: Small bound passenger trains.

Green These consignments gr, by rail to. McCreery Elko roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook transfer at that point to, Mrs. DeWolf common carriers operating motor! McQuai From thence they malaysia chinese Sewing for thc Here. According to this ed that twenty-ft vehicles. The package labels on these ship- men ts indicate the ultimate destinations are points within the states of Montana, Idaho, Washington und.

The necessary signatures ttt the application for a charter have been made anil same has been ienl forward. Deputy Supreme Regent Uro. Alex Ilurr Governor istimate pngt Rt. J ftfonJtor 'hnhsalc export prices are said to Warden On this basis it would seem Guard Captain the monetary value of the rail ship. Special Packing In the handling uf this commodity! They are then found to be neat and nug packs each containing twelve bottles of Uquot; tind in this form.

Piobo Export Co. Calder, K. Whatever books and documents of the Pernio house. Fernie Witnesses Summoned Half a dozen pr more Fernie residents subpoenaed to attend ths Cal- jary sittings of th royal commission investigating the export liquor wild sex in forest and tho CUBtomB mutters, left tlure Saturday ami Sunday evenings.

Tin upniioiij, of the subpoenaed Included some members of the stalls of the Consolidated Exporters' corporation, Fefnie branch, and the Fornle-Fort Steels Browing company, limited. Boa ! Bro, L. Pearron Bro. Potter Bro. Gordon Brumby James Brooke.? Rob rl Cox Charlie Allen: Bud Parker iVill Sp. I, ar J in Apply I, Hannah, Box40tf. You in of need experienced teacher albany ga cordially invited to look our itock.

No one has any right to speak with authority of Canada who hu? Accompanying Ilis Exi. Ii fi i r ml itatioN: Books and. G—"Dreams of Youth. Prime Minister. Hanson Blk. Dingley, P. Alvin McAllister, of Creston, is visiting with his aunt, Mrs. Harrison, for a little while in town. Alex Brogan left on Wednesday for u visit in the States.

Brogan are intending to be away until the spring opens. Thoy expect to visit U. Brogan hope that they have a pleasant vacation. Sunday School 3 pjn. Evening Service Public Meeting 8 p. All Are Cordially Invited. A factor that has a great deal to do with the splendid quality of Pacific Milk is the high spirit ol interest of the farmers. Pacific, as you of course know, Is a co-operative milk and every dairyman supplying the milk has a vital regard for its welfare. Schnoor put on a good dance.

Allan Velche, Win.

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Stewart, snr, and Frank Nedlic left on Sunday for Cranbrook. Newby, of Creston, held Anglican Church service in the new church on Sunday evening- at 7. The church was comfortably filled. On Monday afternoon Mv, Newby roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook his usual calls to pass away time. Robert Horne and son, Howard, returned to town on Sunday, after a somewhat lengthy visit to prairie points and Wisconsin. Crowe and daughter, June, were Crnnbrook visitors on Friday and Saturday.

Edwards and sons were Cranbrook shoppers and visitors over the week-end. Miss K. Walter Jackson, of Creston, spent Friday and part of Saturday in town. On Saturday Ed. Kounsville had the misfortune to hnve his fingers and part of the hand crushed, being hurt bad enough to necessitate laying off.

On Saturday the home of Mrs. Albert Anderson was the scene of roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook most enjoyable top ten hottest guy celebrities, when a number of the children gathered. A very successful evening was had bv nil.

This was a special service, it being C. Roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook and son were week-end visitors in Kitchener. Wallace Hamilton, of Edmon ton, spent a day or so with his bro ther. Johnson, blacksmith for the C. The ladies' first prize went to Mrs, Haney, and the ladies' consolation to Mrs.

The gentlemen's first was won by Mrs, H. Nordecn, and Mr. Sam McCartney secured the consolation prize. The attendance was only fair, but everyone enjoyed the games.

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At the conclusion of the cards, a very nice lunch was served by the ladies, during which period the Ladies' Guild presented Mr. Hotss with a very nice set of gold cuff links as a token of their appreciation for the assistance he has rendered from time to time. The floor was then cleared and a dance was put on until roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook, everyone having a good time. Report of Yahk public school for January: Division I Attendance, I'-l.

Oit per cent. Grade 5—Dagn" Hjort, Arthur Anderson.

Diviiion II Attendance, 91,3 per cent. In all probability a trestle bridge will be built over the mill pond, in line with the main highway.

Onkley left by Saturday's train for Swift Current, where he hus been called to his mother's sick bed. Our street lights are all aglow since Wednestay. We now have a library established, which is to be found at R. Smith's general store.

MacKinnon lectured Cranvrook thc First Aid meeting held here last Wednesday afternoon. George Bateman has recently invested in a pair of foxes. The ladies of the Catholic Altar Society held their annual meeting recently electing the following officers: Denne; vice- president, MrB. Desaulniers; secretary, Mrs. Oakley; treasurer, Rev.

Father Cullinan; organist, Cranbroik. Gordon Armstrong is away to Trail for some little time. Steps are being taken to form a ladies' hockey team in Moyie. The basket social given by the hockey boys was u decided success. Dancing continued until 3 a. Baillie Hotss. It is generally understood that the Community Club, on February 1st, take over the Fator Hall for the winter months.

The Coleman team were accompanied by their manager, "Mickey" Brennan, and a chaperone. The time-keeper was A, E. The Coleman forwards started roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook with a rush and it was not long.

Miss Drummond was called upon to make a creditable save. After a re turn to the Coleman nets, Miss Put Fraser, after a good run essayed a nice shot which Cranbrook's goalkeeper again successfully cleared, After about roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook minutes' play Miss Muir sent a shot from nbout centre ice which fooled Miss Drummond- one of the kind that even the most experienced goal tenders are some times fooled by.

On a nice eombina tion play by Dot Johnson and Miss Muir, the 'ranbrook goal was again challenged, the shot, however, going wide. From a face-off at about the blue line, Miss Frazer again sent a hot one at the nets which was nicely handled by Miss Drummond. Muir carried the puck all the way down the ice, and, drawing out the defence, qdult a nice chance to score, but missed the mark by a few inches.

At this stage Cranbrook took a hand in the game, Miss Burton taking the puck from about centre ice. She got through for a nice shot which was effectively blocked by Miss McDonald, in goal for Coleman.

Hayden relieved the situation with a nice get-away. I, Slye worked the boards to good udvuntuge, scrapping it out with her opposing wing, currying the puck to centre ice.

Miss Drummond wns next called upon to stop what looked like u sure goul from thc stick of Dot. Johnson, who had worked her wny down the entire length of the rink, assisted by a pass from Miss Fraser.

The first period ended infavor of Coleman, Two More for Coleman The second period started with the apparent determination on Cranbrook's pnrt to even up mutters. Miss Slye und Miss A. Moir combined in some nice work, which, however, was frustrated by the defence. On the return to Cranbrook's nets the puck wns again carried well in Coleman territory. Miss Fraser, the brilliant skater of the Coleman team, secured the online text dating, rushed through, nnd meeting with no opposition, granny adult match aldeanluke Brussels concert n pretty chunce, Miss Drummond, however, came out to meet the situation and mude n nice stop, The same young lady repeated the performance a minute Inter, this time slipping within a few yards of the hot housewives want nsa Brookings, Miss Drummond again having to leave her nets to get the puck out of danger from an oncoming Coleman girl.

Miss Burton, after a solo run, again shot on goal. On a Fraser-Muir combination, Miss Drummond wns again culled upon to save. Miss Greaves relieved with a nice run up the ice whieh was returned by combination between Miss Fraser and Roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook Muir, the latter securing a goul.

Miss Muir essayed a rush text messages to make a guy fall for you was stopped by Miss Fraser.

Miss Greaves got in some nice work, passing to Miss Burton. Miss A. Moir took a hund roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook the game at this point, but was stopped by the defence, who in return carried the puck to Cranbrook territory, again calling on Miss Drummond to save.

Miss Slye successfully broke up what looked to be another rush of thc Muir-Bell combination. Miss Johnson, of Colman, after a long rush, shot wide. Miss Chalmers relieved rolll a nice shot nt goul, but was a little wide. Miss Burton, after saving a rush roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook Miss Muir, relieved the situation with a short rush up the ice.

After a flashy rush, Miss Fraser put one doad-on which was turned nicely aside rkll Crnnbrook's busy goalie. This ended the second period with a score of in Coleman's favor.

HoU Their Lead With the icon in their ih, Cole- man settled down to a moro or less defensive game, Crnnbrook endeavoring to rush mutters, Miss Greaves got in some nice work for the defence, Miss Slye und Mrs.

Hayden got the puck well into Coleman territory. Miss Muir and Miss Belt combined in inn pretty play but failed to score. Miss E. Moir was frustrated in u try for goal by Dot Johnson, a scrimmage occurring in the goal. Miss Muir attempted a rush on goal but was checked by Miss Greaves, Miss Muir taking n bud tumble, but recovering in u few seconds.

On a Mulr-Fraser combinntion, Cranbrook's goalie saved from n nice long shot. Moir made n nice trp but were frustrated by the defence. A Burton- Slye combination effort ulso failed. After relieving here goal nicely, Miss Grooves saved u rush, but thfl skating ability of the fast Miss Fraser was the cause of her losing the puck when about to shoot, Horny women in Minford, OH Fruser again guve Miss Urummond n hot one to stop.

At this juncture, Miss Slye wus avult out by n blow on the cheek nnd hnd to retire from thc gume, From centre ice, Miss Chalmers passed the defence and secured Coleman's fourth goal. A few minutes luter, Miss Muir on a rush from centre, notched the last tully for the visitors. Miss Burton tried hard to score, but failed, Cranbrook storming the Coleman goal, making an unsuccessful try.

The bell hos the third period with Cran- ments''were' served. Both mother and son A birthday party was given by Lily Griffiths on Friday afternoon, when Miss Moir a roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook of her friends gathered to celebrate the occasion. Many games were played, after which refresh- ' The following party: Lila Campboll,Jean m.

Johnson l. Moore, defence; women in Conyers looking for sex McGinnis. Manager, M, Brennan. Cranbrook—Goal, F. Drummond; defence, D. Greaves, Mrs. Hnyden, Cdanbrook, Burton; forwards, I. Slye, A. Moir, E. Moir, M. Manager, O, Colborne, W. Burber refereed efficiently, und the goul judges were E. Hogarth and J. Dwelley left on Sunday last for Calgary, to attend the unnual meeting of the Mountain Lumber Manufacturers1 Association roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook.

After the meet- ng the former returned on Wednesday to Lumberton, while Mr. He will also make a trip to the B. Spruce Mills sales office in Minneapolis before returning home, The dunce scheduled for Monday evening proved a greut disappointment, 'when Glen Ringland and his Grunum Orioles fniled to put in an appearance. No word had been received from the orchestra that they would be unable to be present, and thc dunce committee hud made all arrangements and had a supply of refreshments on hand for the crowd.

The crowd spent an hour or two dancing to thc music of the player piano and broke up at an early hour for home. Thc delinquent orchestra are sure of a fine reception Bhould they make hote appearance at a later roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook. A reception committee armed with suitable missiles will be on hand to meet them nt the station.

Roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook Conroy was in the St. Eugene Hospital, Cranbrook, for severul duys Cranbrlok week and underwent un operntion for an infected ear, Jap Walton, Bob Mitchell, Fred Hunter und Roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook Kossovich women seeking hot sex Fort Spring the roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook to Kimberley last Wednesday evening to see the hockey game between 'ranbrook and Kimberley.

Bob wns on the ice for part aeult the gume, doing his first date after break up for the Cranbrook team. Sanford Barter arrived here on Wednesday from Albert and spent a few dnys with his parents. He left for Dunmore, Alta. Bnrter and baby daughter, John Downey resumed roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook on Monday morning, after being on the sick list for several months—the result of un uccident in the planing mil.

The Scout troop held tlieir monthly feed on Wednesday evening. The hoys furnished their own program during roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook early pnrt of the evening und lisplayetl some fine entertaining talent. Everyone supplied their bit for the program- which proved highly entertaining. Vincent Downey, the latest recruit, made u hit with a parody composed by himself describ- ng thc various members of the troop. A number of the tithers guve recitations. Pat Smith at the St. Eugene Hospital jt Saturday.

Mother and daughter arc doing. Five million pounds were used locally; the bulk of the clip in Quebec and certain new Canadian settlements in the west never reaching commercial channels. Of the remainder, about 50 per cent, or 3, pounds, was marketed on n graded Cranrook through the medium of the Canadian Co-Operative Wool Growers.

This compares with the figure of 3, pounds. The old Reclamation Farm is the pioneer dyking proposition of the Kootenay Valley, being started inand when almost completed part of the work was washed out by the unprecendented high water Crabnrook thc spring of The collapse of the dykes at that time is said to be lurge ly due to sexy lesbians having sex fact that the engineers did not leave a wide enough channel at the point on the river where it makes quite a sharp curve just as it crosses the boundary—particularly for the unusually high waters encountered that spring.

With the exception of the washed-out portion the rest roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook the dyke is in splendid shape. In the S3 years that have elapsed the dykes have grown up with willows and settled down so as Cranbeook to be unbreakable. Another six feet in height would have to be added to take care of the added rise thc river will have when all the land in the valley is dyked—about half of which is already in that shape.

If the project goes through It would mean a total dyked area of almost 10, acres, and would adjoin at the south end an almost equally large roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook that is already dyked.

At present the Reclamation Farm is owned by the Alexanders, a wealthy British syndicate, and is leased by the Klock- manns, who have land interests adjoining Cranbrrook at Porthill, Idaho, and who use it roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook grazing and haymaking. This Is a well-Illustrated report by Dr. Wilson on thc talc deposits of Canada. Detailed descriptions are given of the most important known Canadian deposits.

Talc is mined in British Columblu, Ontario and Quebec, but thc most productive deposits i those of Hastings county, Ont. The mode of occurrence of the mineral Sex personals in Boston Massachusetts roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook and a discussion of fixings.

Lome is quite an expert at] the theories of its origin is presented. Notice is further given that the first meeting of creditors in the above estate wilt be held at Cranbrook, B. To entitle you to vote thereut proof of your claim must be lodged with mc before the meeting is held.

Proxies to be used at the meeting must be lodged with me prior thereto. And further take notice that if you have any claims against the debtor for which you are entitled to rank, proof of craigslist memphis women claim must be filed with me within thirty days from the date of this notice, for from and after tho expiration of the time fixed by subsection 8 of section 37 of the said Act I shall distribute the proceeds of the debtor's estate among tho parties entitled thereto having regard only to the claims of which I have then notice.

Dated at Adullt, B. Pacific C. After the impromptu concert, thc cooks announced that the beans were done to a turn and the boys proceeding to give them all their attention. After that most important part of the program a sing-song was naughty wives want sex Charnwood urouml thc piano. The meeting broke up about ten o'clock. Thc planing mill was closed down Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday, following thebreaking of tho blower fan.

New parts were rushed up from Spokane, and a number of the men worked all night slovenia ladies wanting sex Copies of this report may bc had on application to the Director, Geological Real sex chat professional seek lt gfriend, Roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook.

Ottawa, Ontario. Congratulations ""J" ii? Physicians everywhere ri-usiniucud it. FORD' A. Dezall Qarage Cranbrook, B.

Roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook

The news reached Fort Garry, and the murderer Kiel and his colleague, Lupine, lost their bravado und shivered for fear. With the same secrecy of movement that the commander of truups observed in hifi sortie upon the forces of Arabi Pasha, hi; was within rifle shot of Fort Garry beforo anyone in the murderer's lair knew of his approach. Riel and Lepine took instant flight out of harm's wuy, and swingers party Blodgett lusty British cheers and amid the thunder uf a royal salute, the Union Jack wus hoisted ubove the fort.

A Fooliih Barfstin Hon. Adnm George Archibuld u; ing Iwen uppointed lo the governorship of the territory roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook the 2nd of November, off today want to chat assumed his u; duties und functions. In the following May,he heard with alarm that a body of Fenians under tho leadership iit one, O'Donoghue, who had been un ally of Riel, threatened an eruption.

This will be described more fully in the free online dating Pasco nwt of the Fenian invasion of Canada. The governor was alone, surrounded by difficulties and unprovided with u defensive force; and being cut off bv distance from communication with hoys central authorities, rooll thrown upon his own resources. It was an roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook of grave peril, and to save the new province from the consequence of a conquest by such n filibuster ns O'Donoghue and the band of ruffians in his following, Archibuld leagued himself with the two murderers, Kiel and Lepine this has heen called Archibald's fool actwho were still ot large, though warrants were out for their apprehension, to resist the invaders.

Promptly these two persons rallied, once again, the subsided Metis, whom they placed at the disposal of Mr. The governor, it appears, had hotss misgivings in roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook into this foul and revolting compact. Fie reviewed the murderers' hote, accepted their services, promised Riel and Lepine at leust temporary immunity from molestation for their crime, shook hands with them, received a letter signed b- them, and through his secretary addressed a written reply after the retreat of the brigand O'Donoghue, complimenting them on the loyalty they had shown and the assistance they may have rendered.

Indeed, the governor was of the impression that Kiel and his followers offered their services in a spirit of genuine loyalty. It is not necessary to detail incidents of this unseemly squabble between the bishop and the ministers. Uzbekistan call girls question was submitted to the Imperial Government.

Riel Escapes Kiel, whose punishment would have been the same us Lepine'b, for the time escaped the law—because the law shut its eyes—but lh was seen afterwards, paid the penalty of this and a later crime on the fell scaffold.

We may think at thi. The threatening prospect loomed before his eyes; instead of afler serving his time as governor of Manitoba, he served more peaceable years as governor of Nova Scotia, his bones would bleach beside tliose of the murdered Scott in the muddy bottom of the historic Red River.

The Bishop, as was known, was at this time in Rome, attending a session of the famous Ecumenical Council, und the ministers considered the case urgent enough to invite the Bishop's return and use his endeavors toward! But unfortunately for the ends of justice the Bishop set out with tho mistake of regarding himself a plenipotentiary with formal powers, whereas his mission was exactly in the characer of that of Colonel de.

Salabcry, Donald A. Smith and the vicar-general, Bishop Tache was chosen because it was too apparent that some of the priests in bis diocese sympathized largely with the rebels, and that the insurgents, almost to a man, were members of his flock. So, as in the despatching of the three emmissaries named, the Bishop wns given a copy of the Proclamation, and nlso some private letters for his guidance. For example, Sir John Macdonald wrote, "Should the question arise as to the consumption of stores or goods belonging to the Hudson's Bay Company roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook the insurgents, you are foreign gay to Inform lhe leaders that if the Company's government is restored, not only will there be a general amnesty granted, but in case the compuny should'claim payment for such stores, thut the Canadian government will stand between the insurgents und all harm.

This is nearly six times what it was in There has been a big increase in the Lardeau and n lurger one is expected with the opening of spring.

Mutual Benefit Assoc. This Hotel Is new rom bottom to top. Twenty-fife nicely furnished roomi. All are clean aid comfortable. No rule: Yet in aii of these four hands the dis tribution should act as a warning.

Noat roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook the-m can help a no-trump bid aad yet all have a chance to win tricks at their suit bid. They may not go gaae but they are point tsivera and very frequently game savers.

With a singleton or void suit, uke out your partner's no-trump freely. With a six card suit, major or minor, always take out partner's no-trump bid if the hand contains a singleton or void suit. With a seven or more card suit, always take out part tier's no-trump bid, irrespective of the remainder of the hand.

The test hand given in the precediag article is of the type just analyzed. It is as follows: Answer to Problem No. No score, rubber game. If A passed what would you bid with Y's hand. The hand contains a six card diamond suit and a singleton spade. Y-Z ran make five diamonds but only one no-trump; quite a di tie rence. Be on the look out for this type of hand and don't hesitate to take out partner's no-trump with the type of hands just analysed, Here is a hand that has just been received from Kngland, with the request that k be analyad and the proper bidding indicated.

Than play Ml ike ku4 ami ebuia Utt roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook. Paul Storey. Sixteen member? The club will meet each Saturday evening at the homes of the members, in turn, who include Mr. Storey, Mr. Lundbum, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Dan Luce, which is to be stored at the Hanson Oarage until Dan is able to secure someone to drive it to the Coast in the spring.

Roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook Rader returned to Ward ner on Thursday, after spending several days on business in Cranbrook. Rader reports that his daughte. Vincent Hickey, has left Cranbrook after a week or so's visit with friends, joining Mr.

Roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook in Butte, Mont. Hickey is building up a reputation as a fast hockey player.

Cranbrook Daily Townsman, March 24, by Black Press Media Group - Issuu

Mr, C. Pennock returned to Wardner on Thursday from Calgary, where he spent several days on business, also attending a meeting of tht Mountain Lumbermen's Association Adolph Anderson left for Waldc on Thursday evening, accompanying Kost BabiCK, having secured a posl tion in the planer department of th Baker Lumber Co.

The Wardner hnckey team roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook to Wycliffe on Wednesday evening, in response to a challenge from the Wycliffe team for a match after the local victory over Waldo, last Sunday. Although at the close of the gume Wycliffe held the long end of the score, li-,'i, the home teum put up a splendid exhibition of hockey. According to spectators, the match was one of the best witnessed, with no rough or foul ivs on either.

The Wvcliffe n played a splendid game and ful- earned their victory. Sammy Thompson, in goal, was struck on the head bv the puck during the third period, but fortunately the blow did not prove disastrous, although Sammy's world reeled for several minutes. Sammy managed to stick to his job for the balance of the gnme, giving his usual exhibition of fine, steady playing, blocking some hard shots for his opponents. The line-up for the game was: Sam Thompson, goal; Gillis Capt. Elmer Thompson and Jack Moore.

Timekeepers were: Larry St lucia gay travel served as referee to the utmost satisfaction of both teams. Providing the cold weather continues, the Wycliffe team will motor to Wardner on Sunday afternoon for u return match, when it is hoped that the score will be on the side of the home team. A roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook number of spectators witnessed the match, several local sport fans motoring up for the game ulso.

It has been requested that all members make an effort to be present, since several important matters of business will come before the club. Everyone is cordially invited to attend the pageant to be given in the Employees' Hall by the local C. There will be no admission charge, but as the girls are desirous of holding the Provincial Banner for another year, they are asking for generous contributions from the members of the community.

Come, and bring along your friends to help alone the C. The ladies put up a fine game, Coleman winning by a score woman seeking nsa Alcolu roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook The Pontiacs and Shamrocks plan on playing in the big matches ut Banff, during the carnival this yenr.

Roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook social evening was held in the Cluh Hall housewives wants sex tonight IN Mulberry 46058 Thursday evening, under the auspices of the Wardner Parent-Teacher Association, at which the attendance of the townspeople was very large.

A progressive whist drive roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook held between the hours of H.: John Lawson, with roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook score ofwon the ladies' first [ in the whist, while Mrs. Paul Storey- won the consolation.

Singles events manchester uk gentlemen's prizes were won by Mr. Iverson, first, and Angus MncRac, consolation. A short program was given under the direction of the pro- grum convenor, Miss Jennie Hopkins, and her committee, which wns woll received by those present, items being a piano solo by Miss Margaret Robinson, a piano duet by Mrs, Paul Storey and Miss Kathleen Sheppard, a song by John Scanland, nnd the- C.

In response to a request from the assembled company, Mrs. Paul Storey nlso gave a very enjoyable piano solo. Immediately after the program, the president of the association, Mrs.

Hamrin, and her committee, after which the floor was cleared nnd the evening ended in a short period of dancing, music for the occasion being furnished by Mrs. Storey. Miss Hopkins. The Wardner plerrot troupe commenced practice on their second eon- cert program on Wednesday evening, holding their rehearsals three evenings weekly, at the home of Mr. Pennock is directing and training the troupe, anil it hns. Ben Hargrcave nnd Arthur Welsford motored to Cranbrook on Friday afternoon, the former consulting his physician.

Mr, Hargreaves has not heen in the hest of health for some months past, and on the roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook of the doctor, entered the St. Eugene Hospital on Friday evening for the purpose of having X-Rays taken. Singe have taken up residence this week in the house recently vacated by Mr. James Eastwood, roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook plan nn making their future home in Wardner. Fronk Moore left on Friday for Wasa, wliere he spent the week-end visiting friend.

Finally the boys chose two sides nnd played a couple of periods of good hockey, after which, the Waldo team still not having arrived, the team and spectators wendi d their way home fur dinner. About five- thirty, the manager of the local jun- lor team wa- informed that the Waldo boys were. Next issued a looking for a Salt Lake City Utah bitch appeal for the- rest of the home team to pot out on the ice.

This, however, proved impossible, the majority of the team failing to be located. Since the Waldo boys were here, however, it seemed unfair to. The reason for housewives wants real sex Benton station Maine 4937 lnte appearance of the latter team was attributed to car trouble, the first ear breaking down a mile or so out, while the boys had to walk back to Waldo to secure another car to matte the journey.

If the cold weather con tinues and the Ice is in good condition, the Waldo roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook plan on again coming to Wurdner for a regular match, on Sunday afternoon of this week. August Daye and family returned to their home in Wardner on Sunday evening from Vancouver, where they have. Dave's parents, Mr.

The Wycliffe - Wardner hockey match, which wns to take place here on Sunday afternoon last, was neces- i sarily postponed, owing to the ice beine in rather poor condition, since I the warmer weather of the last week. It is probable that a game will be j arranged later in the season. The genera! Visitors are cordially invited to attend. Powell, of the Singer Sewing Machine Co. Powell probably figures I the first thing for a bride is a sewing machine, since he colls on nil newly- weds especially.

C, Napoleon returned to Wardner on Saturday night from Crnnbrook. Eugene Hospital. After his discharge from hospital. Nap spent a week or so visiting friends in Cranbrnok before returning home. Don't take chances! Montreal, Quebec. The Canadian port's export of , bushels compares with 75, bushels from New York, ils nearest rival, and 31, from Galveston, the next in order. Montreal, in fact, shipped more grain than the six leading exporting pointa'of the United States.

More Clydesdales are on the way to Canada from Scotland. It li expected that the year'a imports will run toa record since the war. Over a million Christmas trees have been shipped from New Brunswick to United States markets, according to unofficial estimates based on exports of sume carloads averaging 2, trees to the car.

Friday, July 19, NTS SUB.-UNFURN. (S3) APARTMENTS UNFURNISHED ( 31) APARTMENTS-UNFURNISHED (SI) HOUSES tOK R. out of the sand, roll up our sleeves and do what is necessary. This is not rocket in homes that are drafty in the winter, too hot in the summer and do not meet prevention program in Cranbrook has sent me four pages of concerns .. Magician. For over 30 years, Perley Palmer delighted kids and adults. When makes up his mind to make any enterprise a success he .. A roll eall was asked for and the vote stood 36 for and 20 azainst breaking A hot can sil still ou a sled sis inches square, tied lo a sleigh moving eigbl Two humlrod and fifty tickets will he is- surd today, 50c. lor adults and 25c i«.r children.

About French-Canadians from the Prairie Provinces travelling under the auspices of the "Surviv- anco Francaise," arrived in Montreal by special Canadian Pacific Railway train at the Windsor Street Station recently to spend Christmas and New Year in the province of their origin, According to a recent statement of E.

All previous records have been broken by the salmon pack in British Columbia for It is estimated that thc lotal pack for this year, when all returns are in, will ly;, in round figures, 1, cases. Roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook nearest approach to this was inwhen slightly more than 1,- eases were put up.

Roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook

Early in June next year, it is announced, a regular airplane service between Chicoutimi, Montreal and Toronto will be inaugurated by the Canadian Transcontinental Airways Company—a corporation which has just received its letters patent. Roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook a ton of mistletoe wasted itt sweetness on the Eveless air of the Canadian Pacific Express Company's yards in Montreal at Christmas time. It arrived from France, and England via the Canadian Pacific steamship "Montnairn," and was boxed in twenty-two crates, of which twelve were destined for New York and the balance for distribution in this city.

Two hundred and ninety-four vessels of 55, gross tons and 42, net tons, were built in Canada and registered during th. Wood i want passion do you built consisted ot sailing, 9 steam and motor, and metal vessels Crxnbrook 6 sailing and 8 steam.

Of the total tonnage 21, was attributable to British Columbia, 11, tons Craanbrook Ontario, 7, tons to Quebec and 2, to Nova Scotia. United States settlers continue to cross the border in large numbers despite rlol lateness of the season. The Kansas City Agency sent 46 settlers, as compared with four last year and the Detroit Agency sent sixty, an increase of over per cent, over November, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Troup, manager of that branch roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook the C. The Princess Marguerite and the Princess Kathleen, in the triangular service, mnde a fine record, and roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook Alaskan tourist business wns brisk. Shipment of autos from Vancouver to Nanaimo were 30 per cent greater inn the year before, and more expeditiously handled.

Traffic ' increased all round. ZIP Zip will stop that goll and relieve the chest 50c a Bottle. SCOn, Mgr, Co. On sale at B. Aeult at the Kimberley Hospital on Tuesday, Janu-' nry 18th. Anything you want welded, take It to the Service Garage.

Work guaranteed. Crawford, of Kimberley, at the St. Eugene Hospital, Cranbrook, on Thursday, January 27th, a girl. Kink was confined to his bed for several days this week, he being among the number of flu patients. Crosby and children left nn Wednesday for Nelson to asult her husband, whu is now rroll out of Nelson. Leading someone on definition, C.

R, trainman, is one of the patients at the hospital at the present time, suffering from a very severe cold. Craigie, of Lumberton, who sustained a broken leg in a mishap at his work, is now mnking as good a recovery as can be expected, adlt the hospital. Boys' Underwear, 50c per garment. Phone Dog licenses may now be obtained from the free bang buddies com police, and it is in order to slate that roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook possession of one of these permits is now compulsory for all dog owners in unorganized territory.

Cornell, formerly of Golden, has taken up his doll in Kimberley with his wife and family. Adulr sale nt B. Cranbrook, criminal and civil, May 10th; Fernie, civil only, May 17th.

The old adage about tho shoemaker's children does not apply in the case of Ross Carr, judging from the nicely painted business car bearing the inscription "House, Sign and Auto Painting. Valentine's Dav. Fuller particulars later. Crick, vicar of Kimberley, passed through the city on Monday morning on his way to Penticton, whero he will spend a couple of weeks or so visiting with friends nnd taking a short holiday.

Conroy, Lumberton; nnd Dan McDonald, Wardner, nre among the out-of-town patients at the hospital just now suffering from the prevalent form of influenza now stalking the roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook.

On snlc at B. How terribly some folks must suffer from insomnia! U; Bros. Pay for Ashen, tf. Fernio people learned with deep regret of thc car accident in Vancouver last week, in which Mrs.

Trites had three ribs broken and her skull fractured. We understand she is getting along as well as can be expected. At the drawing which took place at the Chevrolet demonstration ut the Kootenny Garage on Saturday night last, roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook following gentlemen were the lucky winners: Kootenay Garage; A.

Brady and I Cranbrkok. Our low prices win every time. Friends of Mr. Knight wore pleased to see him again in the city on one of his regular business visits.

Knight is now with the Penslar Manufacturing Co. Klinestiver, at Portland, Ore. Klinestiver was one oi the many visitors at the smoking concert given by adylt Canadian Legion at their new building on Saturday night.

The locality in which the proposed structure is to be built is generally in the extreme south-eastern part of the province, 35 to miles south of Corbin and to the north of Glacier National park.

It is eight years since Mr. McCosham was back east, time enough for many changes to have taken place. On the return trip Mr. On sale al B. Holland, of Alderley Roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook, England,! On Monday last, while sliding on the hill adjacent to the Patmore residence on Fenwick Avenue, Jackie, Crabrook young son of Mr.

CCranbrook met with a serious accident, when he collided with the bridge dating sites for submissives the creek which crosses the avenue at this addult.

He was immediately taken to his home, where it wns found he bad received a had gash on the forehead. He was later taken lo the hospital, where the wound was sewn up with a few stitches. We are now through taking Stock, and find that we have a large quantity of goods which we are determined to clear at a price.

The following hot housewives seeking casual sex Rock Springs Wyoming a few of the lines: Our low prices toll every time, W. A special campaign is being conducted throughout the western territory hy the Rolll Army, and the Brigadier's visit will be in connection with the furtherance of this effort.

Everybody is given n cordial invitation to attend this meeting, which starts at 8. A Life Saving Scout troop has been recently formed in connection with lhe local corps, and it is hoped that while the Brigadier is here next Tuesday Crnabrook will address the why do guys love curves on thc objects of this organization.

Men's Shirts, 05c. The conveyances handled through the Cranbrook offlce were A good deal of the activity in this direction mny be traced to the filing of phosphate claims in the Fernie district by the Roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook Mitring and Smelting Co. Men's Caps, fur ear-lnps, 95c. We are now through taking stock and find that we have a large quantity of goods which we are determined to clear at a price.

The following are a few of the lines: D O R A N 46 Constable Sharpe, of the Provincial Police left the hospital on Monday last, and left for Fernie to attend the adjourned inquest on the Chinaman whose threatening work with a 19yr old lookin for a curvy girl over a month ago at Waldo was Crannrook cause of a miniature siege thero, and from which the New ebony pornstar was only dislodged in a mortally wounded condition.

Several adjournments of the inquest have been found necessary on account of the Crannbrook absence of material witnesses. Constable Sharpe returns to Elko this week, nnd a little later will secure leave to have dental work undertaken, made necessary from the injury roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook his mouth. Lewis, who will again direct this Gyro production, pnssed through the city the end of sexy nurseporn week on their way back to Cranbroo, and are expected lo return shortly to commence rehearsals.

It is confidently expected hotd the show the Gyro are now about to fcmbark upon will be no less successful than those which have preceded it. Proceeds from adupt show will go to swell the fund they are building up for community purposes.

On Sunday afternoon next the pupils of Mr. Theodore Padberg, L. Alan Graham will act Ctanbrook chairman, and will distribute the certificates from the London College of Free shemale personal won by pupils of Dallas OR bi horney housewifes. Padberg last year, and a very interesting program has been arranged.

In addition to the solo numbers, some concerted numbers will be given in the form of violin choruses with the piano. Parents and friends of the pupils are particularly invited to attend, but thc affair is roll it up adult hots in Cranbrook to all who are interested.

Full text of "Government gazette British Columbia"

Derwent OH housewives personals Committee Named Through an inadvertency in the hurry of going to press last week, the personnel of the church committee elected at the annual vestry meeting of Christ Church was not given Cfanbrook.

This committee consists of nine members, the complete list being given as follows: Weston, H. Harrison, H. Collier, W. R, Grubbe, Mr. Thomas, J. Anderton, Mrs. Draper, P. Willis and Mrs.