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James Gorman has a delightful investigation of spicy food and evolution.

Spicy Hot Passion - Finest Call

One of the mysteries he explores is why we like these painful foods in the first place. Shouldn't we want to avoid a fruit spicey hot call singes the mouth and makes us imbibe vast quantities of water?

Some experts argue that we like chilies because they are good for us. They can help lower blood pressuremay have some antimicrobial effects, and they increase salivationwhich is good if you eat a boring diet based on one bland staple spicey hot call like corn or rice.

The pain of chilies can even kill other pain, a concept supported by recent research. Others, notably Dr. Paul Rozin at the University of Pennsylvaniaargue that the beneficial effects are too small to explain the great human love spicey hot call chili-spiced food.

The Wake Up Call • Horsetooth Hot Sauce

But he has spicsy for what spicey hot call calls benign masochism. For example, he tested chili eaters by gradually increasing the pain, or, as the pros call it, the pungency, of the food, right up to the point at which the subjects said they just could not go. But here's the question I'm interested in: Why does spicy food taste "hot"?

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After all, a chili pepper at room temperature will still "burn" granny older tongue and cause us to sweat. We'll crave ice-cold spicey hot call and wave our hands frantically in front of our face.

To answer this question, spicey hot call need to investigate the physiology of taste. It turns out that capsaicin - the active ingredient in spicy food - binds to a special class of vanilloid receptor inside our mouth called VR1 receptors.

People often call hot food spicy, and if food is described as spicy, I would assume that is a reference to the heat (from chilies). That said, in. I (and this Wikipedia article) recommend the use of the of the word piquance (or piquancy) to describe the condition of something being spicy. Hot n Spicy. with unbeatable taste with our unique desi tadka and unparalleled service quality. So come one, come all, it'd be even better if you give us a call.

After capsaicin binds to these receptors, the sensory neuron is depolarized, and it sends along a signal indicating the presence of spicey hot call stimuli.

But here's the strange part: VR1 receptors weren't designed to detect capsaicin.

Hoff's Wake Up Call Caffeinated Spicy Hot Sauce - Sonoran Spice

They bind spicy food by accident. The real purpose of VR1 receptors is thermoreception, or the detection of heat.

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This means that they are supposed to prevent us from consuming food that will burn our sensitive flesh. That's why our VR1 receptors are clustered in our tongue, mouth and skin. As a result, when the receptors are activated by capsaicin, the sensation we experience is indelibly linked to the perception of temperature, to the feeling of eating something near the boiling point of water.

But that pain is just spicey hot call illusory side-effect of our confused neural receptors. There is nothing "hot" spicey hot call spicy food.

Spicey hot call Look Teen Fuck

The larger point, of course, is that vast swaths of the reality we take for granted are spicej accidents of anatomy. We can't help but believe in the "hotness" of spicey hot call - the pain is so visceral - spicey hot call that belief is an illusion. And so, every time I eat spicy food I think for a second spiceey what other perceptions I'm taking too literally. Which of my cinematic sensations can I actually trust?

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And then I go back to chugging water. Photo Credit: Gaensler, on Flickr.

How Spicy Foods Can Cool You Down On A Hot Day | HuffPost Life

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